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We are award winning concrete specialist

Jon Johnstone Construction has a high reputation as being one of the leading concrete specialists in the industry. We have expertise in both residential and commercial markets- from basements to bridges, foundations to finishes and everything else concrete.

Over the years we have built a great reputation of being a leading concrete contractor, this has resulted in a continued partnership with all our clients. Our drive and passion to pursue the highest standards in both safety and performance is what makes us thrive within the construction industry.

Changing your preconceptions about concrete

We are proud of our expertise in concrete. As one of the area’s leading concrete contractors, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries in what we can create with concrete. It’s well known for its durability, practicality and longevity – but what many people are coming to realise is that it can be beautiful too.

Changes in interior design, and the search for the unusual, has led to concrete being left exposed in more and more residential and commercial projects.

Concrete House

Our reputation as a concrete specialist led to us being commissioned to build one of the UK’s first all-concrete homes. This stunning piece of architecture has won a RIBA 2019 Award and was a finalist on Grand Designs: House of the Year 2019, as featured on Channel 4.

Concrete Bar

We were contacted by the owner of an alcohol and coffee establishment who loves concrete and had heard of our reputation as a leading local formwork contractor. He wanted a free-standing concrete bar in his venue in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. We designed the structural reinforcement of the bar and fixed in place, which has provided the establishment with a one-of-a-kind functional centrepiece that celebrates concrete.

Bespoke Basements & Swimming Pools

Concrete basement construction and waterproof-envelopes for swimming pools have become our speciality. Over the past four years, we have worked alongside many clients, architects, and property developers to help deliver their vision of creating more space for their new build homes or apartments.

Formwork Construction Projects

As one of the area’s most experienced concrete specialists we can do pretty much anything in concrete, but we specialise in creating reinforced, waterproofed concrete structures for basements and swimming pools. Any basement structure we create can then be developed into whatever the client desires – whether it’s a pool, gym, office or cinema room.

Residential concrete specialist work

We have become renowned for our expertise in producing durable, watertight concrete structures for swimming pools. Concrete formwork offers the longest life expectancy, as well as the highest levels of durability. However, it’s a complex material to work with and only relatively few companies have the required skills and experience to produce the required solid foundation.

Commercial formwork construction

Over the years we have been commissioned to work for many different councils and local authorities on their flood defence works, bridges and roadworks. We have worked with main contractors on the car park for New Street Station for Birmingham City Council, flood defence work and bridges for North Somerset Council, and road improvements in Longbridge for Birmingham City Council.

Why work with JJC concrete contractors

We have the technical expertise to know what will and won’t work. We’re often called upon to advise builders and architects what’s feasible – with regards to costs, timings and practicality. Concrete’s a complicated material to work with and needs to be handled by experts.

Having been concrete contractors for years, we’re experienced and skilled – we get the job done right first time and are experienced in working closely with other contractors involved in a project. We’re honest and upfront about what’s possible – and what’s not – and we take complete ownership for our work.

Benefits of concrete

Its sturdiness and durability make it the natural choice for a reliable infrastructure – but it’s only as reliable as the concrete contractor that installs it. It’s a cost-effective and sustainable solution for both residential and commercial projects, is easy to maintain and has low levels of upkeep.


Concrete’s durability means it resists weathering, erosion and natural disasters. It needs very little maintenance and very few repairs – concrete projects are definitely built to last.


Concrete provides one of the most efficient and cost-effective structures. A sustainable concrete building can produce savings of more than 20% of the construction cost over the life of the project – mostly due to its thermal mass which can capture thermal energy.


Concrete provides safe and secure structures and buildings – it doesn’t burn, or feed rot and mildew. Its superior quality of construction helps prevent the entry of pollen and dust, offering excellent indoor air quality. It also offers added protection against severe weather and outdoor temperature swings, providing a draft-free environment and a consistent room temperature.


Concrete’s long lifespan, durability, and the fact that it’s made from locally available and abundant materials, makes it one of the most sustainable choices. It can often contain recycled materials and used concrete is also recyclable itself.

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Where we work

Jon Johnstone Construction are based in the Midlands and have worked extensively all over the Midlands and Warwickshire, from Stratford upon Avon to Sandwell.
As we have built up such an outstanding reputation for the quality of our work, our professionalism and our reliability, we have been called upon to work on formwork construction projects all over the UK, including Oxfordshire, Somerset and Cheshire.

We’re based in the West Midlands but work all over the UK

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